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VSBC-6848 Actis Computer VSBC-6848 6U CPU board - PowerQUICC II MPC8248@400 MHz, SDRAM on socket, FLASH 16MB, Hardware Encryption... ACTIS COMPUTER Request Quote
VSBC-6862 Actis Computer VSBC-6862 CPU Board - 6U CPU board with MPC8260 @200 MHz, SDRAM ACTIS COMPUTER Request Quote
VSBC-6872 Actis Computer VSBC-6872 CPU Board - 6U CPU board with PowerQUICC II MPC8270@450 MHz, SDRAM 128 MB, FLASH 16MB ACTIS COMPUTER Request Quote
VSBX-6560 6U CPU board with PowerQUICC III MPC8560@833 ACTIS COMPUTER Request Quote
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