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MCBL0001N04 NetStructure Single Board Computer INTEL Request Quote
MPCBL0020 Intel MPCBL0020 CPU Boards-ATCA Single Board Computer - Single Pentium M Processor, 2.0GHz, 3 PMC slots INTEL Request Quote
MPCBL0030 Intel MPCBL0030 CPU Board - Intel MPCBL0030 ATCA Single Board Computer - Dual Intel Xeon Processors, 2.8GHz, Intel EM64T... INTEL Request Quote
MPCBL0040 Intel MPCBL0040 CPU Board - AdvancedTCA Dual-core Xeon single board computer, PICMG 3.0, Dual Gbe Ethernet, USB INTEL Request Quote
MPCBL0050 Dual Dual-Core IntelĀ® XeonĀ® processors LV 5138 (2.13 GHz) INTEL Request Quote
MPCMM0001 Monitors chassis resources and environmental conditions; provides instrumentation for health metrics and alerting. Defin... INTEL Request Quote
MPCMM0002 Intel MPCMM0002 Slim Chassis with Management Module. INTEL Request Quote
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