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1750000143 10U-High CompactPCI® Enclosure Accessory; 80*80mm 80 CFM Fan ADVANTECH Request Quote
1757000031 10U-High CompactPCI® Enclosure Accessory; Single power supply module of RPS 560 W ATX (2+1) ADVANTECH Request Quote
968A390000 Advantech MIC-3924A-B intelligent chassis management module ADVANTECH Request Quote
968A390010 10U-High CompactPCI® Enclosure Accessory; intelligent chassis management module with blade server support ADVANTECH Request Quote
968A390020 Advantech MIC-3924L-A alarm module ADVANTECH Request Quote
MIC-3002AD/6 Advantech MIC-3002A, 4U CompactPCI chassis with 6-slot backplane and 6" LCD ADVANTECH Request Quote
MIC-3031/14-12R Advnatech MIC-3031/14-12R Enclosure. CompactPCI chassis with 14-slot backplane | fan tray module | redundant power suppl... ADVANTECH Request Quote
MIC-3031C-A Advantech MIC-3031C-A Enclosure. 12U-high 14-slot cPCI Enclosure w/ 560 + 280 W Redundant P/S, CT Bus & Rear I/O ADVANTECH Request Quote
MIC-3032/8-9A Advantech MIC-3032/8-9A Enclosure. CompactPCI's chassis with 8-slot backplane, fan tray module, AC ATX power supply, and... ADVANTECH Request Quote
MIC-3032/8-9D Advantech MIC-3032/8-9D Enclosure. CompactPCI's chassis with 8-slot backplane fan tray module, -48 V DC ATX power supply... ADVANTECH Request Quote
MIC-3032/8-9R Advantech MIC-3032/8-9R Enclosure. CompactPCI's chassis with 8-slot backplane fan tray module, redundant power supply, a... ADVANTECH Request Quote
MIC-3033/5-4R Advantech MIC-3033/5-4R Enclosure. CompactPCI chassis with 5-slot backplane, fan tray module, redundant power supply, an... ADVANTECH Request Quote
MIC-3035-A 1U-high 2-slot cPCI Enclosure w/ 200 W ATX P/S and device bay support ADVANTECH Request Quote
MIC-3039-A Advantech MIC-3039-A Enclosure. 1U-high CompactPCI enclosure with 2-slot backplane, cooling fans and power supply ADVANTECH Request Quote
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