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ADAM8221-1BH10 Advantech ADAM-8221-1BH10 Digital Input module, 16 x 24V DC, Source Logic ADVANTECH Request Quote
ADAM8221-1FF20 Advantech ADAM-8221-1FF20 Digital Input module, 8 x 60-230V AC/DC ADVANTECH Request Quote
ADAM8222-1FF00 digital output module, 8 x transistor, VAC ADVANTECH Request Quote
ADAM8223-1BF00 Advantech ADAM-8223-1BF00 Digital universal in-Output module, 0-8 x 1A 24V DC Transistor out, 0-8 x 24V DC in, Source Lo... ADVANTECH Request Quote
ADAM8240-1BA00 Advantech ADAM-8240-1BA00 Serial Communication module, 150 to 115.2 KBaud, RS 232 / TTY Interface 25 pol SubD connector,... ADVANTECH Request Quote
ADAM8290-0AA10 Advantech ADAM-8290-0AA10 Backpanel bus connector 1 ADVANTECH Request Quote
ADAM8290-0AA20 Advantech ADAM-8290-0AA20 Backpanel bus connector 2 ADVANTECH Request Quote
ADAM8290-0AA40 Advantech ADAM-8290-0AA40 Backpanel bus connector 4 ADVANTECH Request Quote
ADAM8290-0AA80 Advantech ADAM-8290-0AA80 Backpanel bus connector 8 ADVANTECH Request Quote
ADAM8950-0KB00 Advantech ADAM-8950-0KB00 Green cable, connection between CPU and PC, Interface MPI and RS232, connector 9 pol. SubD ADVANTECH Request Quote
ADAM8972-0DP10 Diagnostic Profibus cable connector, 9 pin Dsub ADVANTECH Request Quote
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