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Part Number MERLIN
Manufacturer ARCOM
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Arcom MERLIN CPU board with Intel 386EX 25MHz Processor, 2Mbytes DRAM, 10baseT Ethernet port, RS232/RS485/422

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Battery 3.0V Lithium 65mAh (Rechargeable Coin Cell)
Dimensions 110mm x 92mm
Ethernet 10baseT Ethernet port with link status LED
Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Power Input 9 - 18V DC and 10 - 16V AC power input ranges
Power requirements 9 - 18V DC or 10 - 16V AC (350mA typ. @ 12V)
Processor Intel 386EX 25MHz
Real Time Clock accuracy +/- 1min/month @ 25C
Serial COM 1 RS232, COM2 RS485/422, COM3 RS232
Software (eCos) RedBoot preloaded. eCos drivers for all onboard functions
Software (ROM-DOS) Datalight ROM-DOS operating system, Datalight FlashFX Flash media management, Datalight Sockets TCP/IP stack
Temperature Operating -20 C to +70 C, Storage -40 C to +70 C
Weight 80 grams


  • 9 - 18V DC and 10 - 16V AC power input ranges
  • Dallas 48-bit unique ID tag
  • Expansion port for custom hardware
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Standard 1.3mm Power Jack input
  • User LED onboard
  • User-assigned jumper


Download "MERLI-2089659260N.pdf" (196 KiB)

Extracted Text

w w w . a r c o m . c o m R MERLIN 25MHz Intel 386EX single board computer Features Description R Intel 386EX 25MHz processor The MERLIN single board computer is a low cost, small form factor R 2Mbytes DRAM single board computer which features the Intel i25MHz 386EX CPU, along with three serial ports, 10baseT Ethernet, 2Mbytes 1Mbyte Flash pre-loaded with either: - Datalight BIOS, ROM-DOS 6.22 and FlashFX Flash media management DRAM, 1Mbyte Flash, optional 512K battery backed SRAM, Real - RedBoot/eCos Time Clock, I/O port and an onboard 9 - 18V DC (or 10 - 16V AC) 512Kbytes battery backed SRAM (MERLIN-SE only) power supply. The MERLIN is shipped with RedBoot/eCos or 10baseT Ethernet port with link status LED Datalight's ROM-DOS/Sockets pre-loaded. COM1 RS232 serial port via 20 way pin header Development Kits are available for both the Datalight and eCos COM2 RS485/422 serial port via 20 way pin header operating systems, allowing fast development of your application. - Link selectable RS485/422 configuration - Link selectable line termination 10baseT I/O Expansion Port COM3 RS232 serial port with full-handshaking via DB9 plug Transmit and receive activity LED's for COM1 and COM2 Real Time Clock (battery backed) Software watchdog with configurable timeout period - 0 - 171 seconds (in 40ns intervals) User LED onboard User-assigned jumper Dallas 48-bit unique ID tag Expansion port for custom hardware COM3 RS232 - 8-bit I/O, chip select, interrupt and 4 address lines 9 - 18V DC and 10 - 16V AC power input ranges Standard 1.3mm Power Jack input BIOS Rechargeable battery Also available: COM1 RS232 - CE compliant enclosure COM2 RS485/422 - eCos Development Kit DRAM - ROM-DOS Development Kit Power Jack C h e c k ou r w e b s i t e Flash www.arcom.com Status LEDs SRAM Development Kits Embedded Boards PCs & Enclosures Wireless & RFID Industrial Networking Design & Build US 8 8 8 - 9 4 1 - 2 2 2 4 UK 0800 411300 Think Embedded. Think Arcom. w w w . a r c o m . c o m MERLIN 25MHz Intel 386EX single board computer Specifications Ordering Information Temperature MERLIN (DOS) No SRAM fitted, ROM-DOS & Sockets pre-loaded o o Operating -20 C to +70 C MERLIN-SE (DOS) Fitted with 512Kbytes battery backed SRAM, ROM-DOS & Sockets pre-loaded o o Storage -40 C to +70 C MERLIN-SE (eCos) Fitted with 512Kbytes battery backed SRAM, RedBoot/eCos pre-loaded Humidity Note: The DOS and eCos variants of the MERLIN have different hardware memory mapping 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing) configurations. Thus the DOS variants do not support eCos, and vice-versa. Real Time Clock accuracy o +/- 1min/month @ 25 C Software (ROM-DOS) Typical Applications Datalight ROM-DOS operating system Datalight FlashFX Flash media management The MERLIN is a low cost communication controller suitable for linking equipment with Datalight Sockets TCP/IP stack serial ports onto an Ethernet network. The MERLIN can also be used as a data logger and then Software (eCos) transfer the information via ethernet or any serial modem (PSTN, ISDN or GSM) to a host RedBoot preloaded server using FTP . eCos drivers for all onboard functions Power requirements 9 - 18V DC or 10 - 16V AC (350mA typ. @ 12V) Battery Associated Products 3.0V Lithium 65mAh (Rechargeable Coin Cell) MERLIN ROM-DOS & Sockets Development Kits Dimensions 110mm x 92mm Datalight's ROM-DOS OS and Sockets Weight Internet Protocol Software 80 grams The MERLIN Development Kit features licensed ROM-DOS operating system and Sockets MTBF (based on MIL-HDBK-217F using generic failure rates) network communication application (HTTP 163,000 hours server and FTP client/server) as well as the FlashFX Flash media management all pre- loaded and configured on to the Flash MERLIN CE compliant compact enclosure memory of the MERLIN embedded A fully com pliant enclosure for the MERLIN processor board processor board. o o Operating temperature range -20 C to 60 C 3 Serial ports ( 2 x R S232, 1 x RS485/422) RJ45 Ethernet (10baseTx) Power Requirements: 9 - 18V DC, 10 - 16V AC (typically 3.5W) Network Link LED and User LED light-pipes MERLIN eCos Development Kit 131mm The MERLIN eCos Development Kit includes the 25MHz i386EX based MERLIN SBC pre-installed with RedBoot, a fast, efficient network aware boot loader – ideal 104mm for quickly debugging and updating your eCos applications. RedBoot is based on eCos and offers the ability to download files via Ethernet or a serial port and to use a boot script to execute these from the embedded Flash or DRAM. 46mm The Development Kit is supplied with eCos sources for the MERLIN and host development tools to enable you to develop your eCos application on Linux or Windows based host PCs. There are a wide range of features to enable you to create 154mm small footprint solutions for data acquisition systems, communication products and network aware embedded devices. Check our website for more details ©2006 Arcom Specifications are subject to change and do not form part of any contract. All trademarks are recognized. United States United Kingdom France Arcom Arcom Tel: 0800 90 84 06 7500 West 161st Street Clifton Road e-mail: ventes@arcom.com Overland Park, Kansas 66085 Cambridge CB1 7EA, UK Belgium Tel: (Toll Free) 888-941-2224 Tel: (Sales Freephone) 0800 411300 Tel: 0800 73192 Tel: +1 (913) 549-1000 Tel: (Sales) +44 (0)1223 403410 e-mail: verkoop@arcom.com Fax: +1 (913) 549-1002 Fax: +44 (0)1223 410457 Think Embedded. Think Arcom. e-mail: us-sales@arcom.com e-mail: sales@arcom.co.uk w w w . a r c o m . c o m

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