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Part Number 501R30113
Manufacturer ACTELIS
Category PRODUCTS - 5
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MetaLIGHT 100E1/16N/DC
16 Pairs DC

MetaLIGHT 100E1 Highlights:

* E1 Services (TDM, ATM & Frame Relay)
* Rapid Service Deployment
* Superior Rate and Reach up to 5.5 km/18,000 ft (0.4mm/ 26AWG)
* Fiber Quality and Reliability
* Low Delay for Voice and Video Quality Transmission
* Compliant with Worldwide Spectral Standards
* CE Certified
* Environmentally Hardened

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Initial Testing

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Industrial computer boards have all components with low MTBF numbers (such as capacitors and connectors) replaced and are washed in our PCB cleaner to remove dust and grime.

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Industrial computer boards are fully diagnosed and repaired by our engineers. Logs of the problems encountered and solutions implemented are recorded.

Our Process: Final Testing
Final Testing

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Extracted Text

® MetaLIGHT 100E1 TM Profit from Copper Highlights  E1 Services (TDM, ATM & The MetaLIGHT 100E1 is a high-speed, sym- A system approach to pair management Frame Relay) metrical, point-to-point, fiber-quality transport decreases the vulnerability of individual  Rapid Service Deployment system that allows service providers to lever- lines to severe noise and other network age their existing copper infrastructure to disturbances, and available cut-line pro-  Superior Rate and Reach up gain immediate revenues through the deliv- tection further increases the robustness to 5.5 km/18,000 ft (0.4mm/ ery of multiple E1 services to more of their of the system. 26AWG) customers.  Fiber Quality and Reliability The MetaLIGHT 100E1 is an environ- Quick and Easy Deployment of Services mentally hardened system that offers  Low Delay for Voice and The MetaLIGHT 100E1 can quickly and eas- unparalleled ease and flexibility for Video Quality Transmission ily be integrated into a carrier network. Upon broadband transport deployments. power-up, MetaLIGHT 100E1 self-calibrates  Compliant with Worldwide Spectral Standards within minutes for a quick delivery of a fiber- MetaLOOP™ Technology quality transport for network services within The MetaLIGHT 100E1 is based on  CE Certified the Carrier Serving Area. It can be deployed patented MetaLOOP technology that immediately and eliminates the need to transforms multiple copper pairs into a  Environmentally Hardened trench for fiber. fiber-quality, High-Speed Link™ (HSL™). The HSL delivers scalable Applications By optimizing the existing copper access net- symmetrical bandwidth at levels up to work, MetaLIGHT 100E1 reduces the cost 8 Mbps (4 E1’s) while complying with  CO/RT to the Enterprise and deployment time required to deliver high- established international and North performance broadband services, dramati- American spectral compatibility stan-  DSLAM Backhaul cally improving ROI, reducing service turn- dards. MetaLOOP technology com-  DLC/RT Backhaul downs and cutting the time from service bines the space and time diversity prin- order to first revenue. ciples of spatial division multiplexing  MDU/MTU Backhaul (SDM™) with powerful algorithms for Award-Winning Performance intelligent bandwidth optimization and  Cellular Backhaul The MetaLIGHT 100E1 breaks industry per- forward error correction.  Fast Internet Access formance barriers employing extended G.SHDSL modems, which can achieve up to Fiber-Quality Communications  Metro Link Ethernet Extension 4.6 Mbps symmetrical throughput per pair. The MetaLIGHT 100E1 HSL delivers a -12 MetaLIGHT 100E1 also introduces a revolu- fiber-quality Bit Error Rate typically 10  Private Campus Networks tionary concept of Cross Talk Cancellation. or better, with voice-grade delay below 3 Intra-Connection This provides better performance and milliseconds and can therefore carry any increased reach, without the need to type of voice, video or data traffic. The Markets Served increase the signal-transmitted power. amount of bandwidth achieved on the HSL depends on a number of factors, including  PTT's, Independent The MetaLIGHT 100E1 intelligently monitors cable type and condition, available pairs and Operators, Competitive pair performance and environmental condi- distance. Operators tions continuously and allocates bandwidth to  Federal, State and Local maximize the potential from each copper pair. Government Agencies  Education, Health Care, Utilities ® MetaLIGHT 100E1 System Specifications -10 -12  BER 10 guaranteed, typically 10 or better  Transmission Delay (end-to-end) <3ms Product Specifications Front Panel Features Service Interfaces System LEDs  No. of Interfaces 4 per shelf  Power  Connector Type 50-pin telco (rear)  Critical/Major/Minor and Remote HSL Alarms  Alarm Cutoff Button (ACO) E1  Line Rate 2.048 Mbps ±50 ppm Card LEDs  Line Code HDB3  Active  Line Impedance 120 ohms, nominal balanced Status 100 ohms, nominal unbal- anced Alarm Contacts  Framing Unframed  DB15 and wire-wrap (rear)  Compliance G.703, G.823, G.826 Physical High Speed Link (HSL - Copper Pairs)  Rack Mounting 19", 23" or ETSI racks  No. of Lines Up to 16  Dimensions Height: 3.50" (2U) (88mm)  Spectral Compatibility ITU-T G.991.2, G.SHDSL.bis, Depth: 11.0" (280mm) DC ETSI TS 101 524 12.0" (305mm) AC  Connector Type 50-pin telco (rear) Width: 17.4" (442mm)  Sealing Current Per G.991.2  Weight 14.8 lb (6.7 kg)  System Timing Network or internal  Power AC: 90-264 V, 47-63 Hz, 85 Watts Management DC: -48/-60 V nominal, Dual A&B, Protocols 70 Watts  Command Line Interface  Via Serial, Telnet, or Modem Connection Regulatory Approval Safety Configuration  EN 60950, IEC 60950  MetaASSIST  Command Line Interface EMC  ETSI EN 300 386 Monitoring  ETSI ETS 300 132  MetaASSIST  Performance Statistics CE  System Logs  EMC and Safety Compliant Management Interfaces Environmental Ethernet Interface  Operating Temp. -40° to +65°C  Electrical Interface 10BaseT  Storage Temp. -40° to +70°C  Connector Type RJ45 (rear)  Relative Humidity Up to 95%, non-cond.  ETSI ETS 300 019 Craft Interface  Electrical Interface EIA RS-232  Connector Type DB9 (front) External Modem Interface Ordering Information  Electrical Interface EIA RS-232 Description Equipment Model No.  Connector Type DB9 (rear) 4 Pairs DC MetaLIGHT 100E1/4N/DC. . . 501R30111 8 Pairs DC MetaLIGHT 100E1/8N/DC. . .501R30112 16 Pairs DC MetaLIGHT 100E1/16N/DC. .501R30113 AC Power AC-PFM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 506R20377 For information regarding pricing and ordering options, please contact Actelis sales. Corporate Headquarters EMEA Sales Office ©2003 Actelis Networks Inc. Actelis Networks and MetaLIGHT are registered trademarks of Actelis Networks, Inc. MetaLOOP, Worldwide Sales Office 25 Bazel P.O.B. 10173 MetaASSIST, High Speed Link, HSL and Profit from Copper are 6150 Stevenson Blvd. Petach-Tikva 49103 Israel trademarks of Actelis Networks, Inc. All other trademarks used Fremont, CA 94538 Tel. 972.3. 924.3491 herein are the property of their owners. Actelis Networks Tel. 1.866.ACTELIS Fax. 972.3.924.3492 reserves the right to change product specifications at any time Tel. 1.510.545.1045 without notice. Fax. 1.510.545.1075 526R00012E-0903

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