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Part Number AK581024AS
Category PRODUCTS - A
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Accutek Microcircuit AK581024AS 1 Meg x 8, 30 Pin SIM Module, 2-Chip Version

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  • 1 Meg x 8 bit organization
  • 1.10 Watt active and 23.5 mWatt standby (max)
  • 1024 refresh cycles/16ms, A0 to A9
  • Available with access times of 60 to 100 nS
  • Common CAS, RAS and WE control for eight DQ lines
  • Functionally and Pin compatible with AK481024
  • JEDEC approved pinout
  • Operating free air temperature: 00 to 700C
  • Optional 30 Pad SIM (Single In-Line Module) or 30 Pin leaded
  • Separate CAS control for one separate pair of D and Q lines
  • SIP (Single In-Line Package)
  • Upward compatible with AK584096 and AK5816384


Download "Accutek=AK581024AS-ds1-186500144.pdf" (77 KiB)

Extracted Text

Accutek AK581024AG / AK581024AS Microcircuit 1,048,576 x 8 bit CMOS Dynamic Random Access Memory Corporation DESCRIPTION Front View The Accutek AK581024 high density memory modules is a random 30-Pin SIM access memory organized in 1 Meg x 8 bit words. The assembly consists of two 1 Meg x 4 DRAMs in surface mount packages mounted to a printed circuit board. The module can be configured + + as a leadless 30 pad SIMM or a leaded 30 pin SIP. This packaging 1 30 approach provides a better than 6 to 1 density increase over stan- dard DIP packaging. The operation of the AK581024 is identical to two 1 Meg x 4 DRAMs. 30-Pin SIP The data input/output is brought out separately for each 1 Meg x 4 device, with common RAS, CAS and WE control. The OE pins are ++ tied to Vss which dictates the use of early-write cycles to prevent 1 contention of D and Q. Since the Write-Enable (WE) signal must al- ways go low before CAS in a write cycle, Read-Write and Read-Modify-Write operation is not possible. FEATURES � 1 Meg x 8 bit organization � 1.10 Watt active and 23.5 mWatt standby (max) 0 0 � Optional 30 Pad SIM (Single In-Line Module) or 30 Pin leaded � Operating free air temperature: 0 to 70 C SIP (Single In-Line Package) � Upward compatible with AK584096 and AK5816384 � JEDEC approved pinout � Functionally and Pin compatible with AK481024 � Common CAS, RAS and WE control for eight DQ lines � Available with access times of 60 to 100 nS � Separate CAS control for one separate pair of D and Q lines � 1024 refresh cycles/16ms, A to A 0 9 PIN NOMENCLATURE PIN ASSIGNMENT FUNCTIONAL DIAGRAM PIN # SYMBOL PIN # SYMBOL DQ -DQ Data In/Data Out 1 8 1 Vcc 16 DQ5 A -A Address Inputs 0 9 2 CAS 17 A8 3 DQ1 18 A9 CAS Column Address Strobe 4A0 19 NC RAS Row Address Strobe 5 A1 20 DQ6 WE Write Enable 6 DQ2 21 WE 7 A2 22 Vss Vcc 5v Supply 8 A3 23 DQ7 Vss Ground 9 Vss 24 NC NC No Connect 10 DQ3 25 DQ8 11 A4 26 NC 12 A5 27 RAS MODULE OPTIONS 13 DQ4 28 NC 14 A6 29 NC Leadless SIM: AK581024ASP 15 A7 30 Vcc Leaded SIP: AK581024AGP 3.510 3.490 0.200" MAX + + 0.505 0.495 0.260 30 1 0.240 0.053 0.047 0.085 0.075 0.100 0.325 0.275 T.P. 3.110 3.090 + + 0.505 0.495 1 0.100 0.024 TYP 0.016 0.100 T.P. EXAMPLES: ORDERING INFORMATION AK581024ASP-60 PART NUMBER CODING INTERPRETATION 1 Meg x 8, Dynamic RAM, Leadless SIM, Page Mode, Commercial, 12345678 Position 60 nSEC Access Time AK581024AGP-70 1 Product 1 Meg x 8, Dynamic RAM, Leaded SIP, Page Mode Commercial, AK = Accutek Memory 70 nSEC AccessTime 2 Type 4 = Dynamic RAM 5 = CMOS Dynamic RAM MECHANICAL DIMENSIONS 6 = Static RAM Inches 3 Organization/Word Width 1 = by 1 16 = by 16 4 = by 4 32 = by 32 8 = by 8 36 = by 36 9 = by 9 4 Size/Bits Depth 64 = 64K 4096 = 4 MEG 256 = 256K 8192 = 8 MEG 1024 = 1 MEG 16384 = 16 MEG 5 Package Type G = Single In-Line Package (SIP) S = Single In-Line Module (SIM) D = Dual In-Line Package (DIP) W = .050 inch Pitch Edge Connect Z = Zig-Zag In-Line Package (ZIP) 6 Special Designation P = Page Mode N = Nibble Mode K = Static Column Mode W = Write Per Bit Mode V = Video Ram 7 Separator 0 0 - = Commercial 0 Cto+70 C M = Military Equivalent Screened 0 0 (-55 C to +125 C) I = Industrial Temperature Tested 0 0 (-45 Cto+85 C) X = Burned In 8 Speed (first two significant digits) DRAMS SRAMS 60 = 60 nS 12 = 12 nS 70 = 70 nS 15 = 15 nS 80 = 80 nS 20 = 20 nS 0.100 TYP The numbers and coding on this page do not include all variations available, but are shown as examples of the most widely used varia- tions. Contact Accutek if other information is required. ACCUTEK MICROCIRCUIT CORPORATION Accutek Reserves the right to make changes in specifications at any BUSINESS CENTER at NEWBURYPORT time and without notice. Accutek does not assume any responsibility 2 NEW PASTURE ROAD, SUITE 1 for the use of any circuitry described; no circuit patent licenses are im- NEWBURYPORT, MA 01950-4054 plied. Preliminary data sheets contain minimum and maximum limits VOICE: 978-465-6200 FAX: 978-462-3396 based upon design objectives, which are subject to change upon full Email: characterization over the specific operating conditions. Internet:

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